Cane chairs are either pressed caned or hand caned. Pressed cane is prewoven and affixed to the chair, while "hand cane" is actually woven by hand by the restorer.

Restoring a hand woven chair is significantly more time-intensive, but the result is far more beautiful — and it maintains the value of the antique chair.

The seven steps most commonly used for hand caning a chair are:

1.  Threading the first vertical cane strands

2.  Threading the first horizontal cane strands

3.  Threading the second vertical strands

4.  Weaving the second horizontal cane strands

5.  Weaving the first diagonal cane strands

6.  Weaving the second diagonal cane strands

7.  Applying the border cane strand

If you are wondering which approach is best for your chair (or if it's worth re-caning), I can take a look and show you examples.